The Scriptome - Protocols for Manipulating Biological Data

The Scriptome is a set of tools that filter, format, and merge data in tabular or common biological formats. Use single tools to take a quick look at data, or string tools together in a protocol to explore the data more deeply.

Choose the platform you'll usually be running the tools on.


(If you browse the web with Windows, but have a window logging in to a UNIX machine where your data sits, use the UNIX/Mac tools.)

The Scriptome was designed especially for non-programmers or beginning programmers, although more experienced programmers may find the site useful as a data manipulation "cookbook". The tools can be used without understanding them. Alternatively, you might find that reading and playing with small, working code examples - and using them on your own data - is a good way to learn Perl.

If you don't want to read the extensive help, take a text file and add line numbers to it with calc_line_numbers (from the Calc page). Or change a FASTA file to tabular format using change_fasta_to_tab (from the Change page). Also, see the example that follows each tool.

Please pardon (and send mail about) any broken links or missing content.


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