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The FAS Center for Systems Biology grew out of the Bauer Center for Genomics Research, which was founded in 1999 by Doug Melton and Stuart Schreiber, with the help of a generous gift from Charles T. (“Ted”) Bauer, of the Harvard College class of 1942. In July 2000, Andrew Murray became the director of the Bauer Center; in August 2005, he was joined as co-director by Erin O’Shea. In the fall of 2008 the Center moved from the Bauer Laboratory, the nearby Northwest Building, which it will share with the Center for Brain Science and members of the Department of Physics and Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The FAS Center for Systems Biology is dedicated to fostering collaborations both within the center and between it and the outside world, including the wider Harvard community. It is the home of the Bauer Fellows: young, independent researchers, drawn from a wide range of disciplines, and selected on the basis of their willingness to interact with each other, and with the surrounding faculty. The Bauer Fellows program is the core of the Center for Modular Biology, one of a dozen National Centers for Systems Biology funded by NIGMS.

The center also maintains extensive laboratory and computer resources in its core facilities, and a core staff to train, assist and collaborate with Harvard researchers wishing to use these resources. The Center for Systems Biology incorporates these two components, and has added a third: an ambitious new initiative to hire up to ten new faculty doing research in systems biology, who can be members of any department in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.



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