In the News

August 2014: Pardis Sabeti's research on the Ebola virus, published in Science, is covered in the New York Times and the Harvard Gazette.

August 2014: Bauer Fellow John Calarco discusses his study, published in Molecular Cell, with the Harvard Gazette.

Calarco Norris

July 2014: Bauer Fellow Rachel Dutton talks to the Harvard Gazette about her lab's publication in Cell.

Dutton Button

Jan 2014: Bauer Fellow Peter Turnbaugh discusses his latest work in the Harvard Gazette

Dec 2013 A collaboration between the Turnbaugh and Dutton labs ('Turdutton') is published in Nature and is widely discussed in the popular press, including NPR, National Geographic.

March 2013: The Harvard Gazette and other news outlets feature the latest story from our Bauer Fellow Peter Turnbaugh published in Science Translational Medicine.

September 23 1012: The Harvard Gazette talks to Sharad Ramanathan about his work on controlling worm behavior remotely.

September 17 2012: Bauer Fellow Rachel Dutton discusses "microbial terroir" and her collaborations with chefs in the New York Times.

February 2012 Andrew Murray discusses with iBioMagazine why teaching matters.

October 1 2011: Bauer Fellow John Calarco is among the first 10 recipients of the NIH Director's Early Independence Awards; read more at the NIH announcement and in the Harvard Gazette.

September 8 2011: Bauer Fellow Marcus Kronforst and postdoctoral fellow Krushnamegh Kunte discuss their PloS Genetics paper with the Harvard Gazette. This work has also been covered in the news at NSF and University of Texas.

March 1 2011: our new Fellow John Calarco receives the prestigious Harold Weintraub Graduate Student Award 2011.

October 15 2010: one of our summer interns, Jeremy Hsu, talks to the Harvard Crimson about his research on butterflies in the Kronforst lab.

Fall 2010: Bauer Fellow Rachel Dutton talks about cheese.


January 7 2010: Sharon Grossman, Ilya Shlyakhter and Pardis Sabeti (left) discuss with the Harvard Gazette how they identified specific genetic changes that are likely to be causal for positive selection. This work was published Science.

November 6 2009: Bauer fellow Marcus Kronforst and his collaborators discuss their work on butterfly speciation, published in the November 6 issue of Science, with the Harvard Gazette and the National Science Foundation.

November 20 2008: Bauer fellows Kevin Verstrepen and Kevin Foster discuss their work on a yeast "green beard gene" with the Harvard Gazette

July 28 2008: Bauer fellow Allan Drummond in the Harvard Gazette

Center Director Erin O'Shea talks to the Harvard Gazette about biological clocks
11 October 2007

Bauer fellow Kobi Benenson in the Harvard Gazette and on NPR news
25 May 2007

Center Director Erin O'Shea Briefs Congressional Biomedical Caucus on Systems Biology
26 July 2006

Divergent life history shapes gene expression in brains of salmon
20 July 2005

Automated scans let scientists track drugs' broad effects on cells
11 November 2004

Gene patterns found that ID cancers: may forecast who is most vulnerable
Harvard University Gazette
14 October 2004

Changing the Face of Biology: Harvard-Led Team Will Study ‘Modular Design’ in Living Systems With Support from NIGMS Center of Excellence Grant
15 September 2003

Systems Biology at Harvard's Bauer Center for Genomics Research
The Biological Physicist
June 2003

Postgenomics: Harvard's Melting Pot
21 March 2002


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