Affymetrix Arrays and Imaging Equipment

Jennifer Couget is responsible for training and support on Illumina library preparation, Affymetrix GeneChip® Microarrays, real time PCR, the Agilent 2100 Bioanlyzer, the Nanodrop, the Qubit, and the core’s imaging and scanning equipment. (Email, 617-495-9402).

Flow Cytometry

Patricia Rogers (Email, 617-496-8453), Mandy Tam (Email, 617-384-5020), Kaitlin Groglio (Email, 617-496-0676) are responsible for training and support on flow cytometry sorters and analyzers.

Sequencing, Home-made Microarrays, Real-Time PCR, and Robotics

Christian Daly is responsible for training and support on Illumina and Sanger sequencing, real time PCR, plate readers, and the Biomek. (Email, 617-496-7105).

Miscellaneous Equipment

Claire Reardon is the Core’s Lab Manager. She helps researchers choose the right instrumentation for their project and directs prospective users to the proper staff member for training. (Email, 617-384-7913).



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